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Major Settlement in the Parish of Kellington

Historical Forms

  • Chelin(c)tune, Chellinctune, Ghelintune, Ghelintone 1086 DB
  • Kelington(a), Kelyngton(a) 12,1202 Selby 1190 P c.1190 Pont 1240 Bodl169 1290 Ebor 1296 MinAcct 1428 FA
  • Kelinton, Kelintun 1185 Templar 1202 FF
  • Kellingtun, Kellington(a) 12 YDi 1185–1210,1189 YCh 1632,1202 FF c.1220 Pont 1531 Testiv
  • Kellinton 1202 FF
  • Killington 1191 P


Kellingley (56supra ), with similar forms for the first el., is two miles away in the neighbouring township of Beal, and both p.ns. have a similar origin for the first el. They are from the OE  pers.n. Ceol (l )a (Redin 46) with initial K - due to Scandinavian influence.As the vowel in Kel (l )- appears to have been short, the pers.n. in these p.ns. may be a hypocoristic form of some pers.n. in Cēol - (Cēolrǣd , etc.) rather than the simple theme Cēol 'Ceolla's farmstead, v. ing 4 , tūn .