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Early-attested site in the Parish of Kellington

Historical Forms

  • Kellinglaia(m), Kellingley(am) 1144–7,c.1154 Pont Hy2 Ch 1230 YCh 1155–8 Pont c.1160
  • Kelinglai(am), Kelingley, Kelyngley 1147–54 Pont 1467 Ch
  • Kellingeleia c.1185–93 YCh1624
  • Kelyngeley 1541 MinAcct


If the one Kellinge - spelling can be relied on, the first el. is an elliptical local folk-name Ceollingas , and Kellingley would denote 'the forest-clearing of the folk of Kellington', v. Kellington 59infra , -ingas (esp. EPN i, 302 § d ), lēah . Otherwise, it means 'Ceolla's forest-clearing', v. -ing 4 ; the OE  pers.n. Ceol (l )a would doubtless be that of the man who also gave his name to Kellington.