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Major Settlement in the Parish of Darrington

Historical Forms

  • Stapleton(e) 1086 DB 1255 Ch
  • Stapilton(a) 1136–40 Pont 1368 YCh1469 1379 MinAcct
  • Stapelton(a), Stapeltun 1135–40 Pont Hy2 Ch 1230 YCh 1155–8 RBE 1166 Kirkst c.1170 Bodl74 1220–40 FA 1428
  • Stepelton 1276 RH
  • Stappleton 1558 WillY 1612,1624 PRDr


This oft-repeated p.n. is from OE  stapol 'pillar, post' and tūn 'farmstead'. Its precise significance is not certain but it could mean simply 'farmstead by a pole' or possibly 'a farm built with or on poles' (v. EPN ii, 146).