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Early-attested site in the Parish of Croydon

Historical Forms

  • Selherst 1229 FF 1537 CtRequests
  • Selerste, Selhurstbrook 1536 Colliii
  • Selhurst al. Selherst 1540 LP
  • Scellerst 1543 Survey
  • Selhurstlane 1548 LRMB
  • Sellis Place 1765 R.


Selhurst is Selherst 1229FF , 1537CtRequests , Selerste , Selhurstbrook 1536 Coll iii, Selhurst al. Selherst 1540 LP, Scellerst 1543Survey , Selhurstlane 1548LRMB , Sellis Place 1765 R. The early forms are too scanty for any certainty. The first element may, as suggested by Professor Ekwall, be OE  sealh, 'willow.' v. hyrst .