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Haling Park

Early-attested site in the Parish of Croydon

Historical Forms

  • Hallinges 1200 Cur
  • Hailing 1203 FF
  • Hal(l)ink 1229 FF
  • Halling 1235 Ass 1263 ib
  • Haling 1255 1610 Speed
  • Halynke c.1320 Steinman 1399 MinAcct
  • Haylyng 1548 LRMB


Haling Park is Hallinges 1200 Cur (p), Hailing ib. (p), 1203 FF (p), Hal (l )ink 1229 FF (p), Halling 1235Ass , 1263 ib. (p), Haling 1255 ib. (p), 1610 Speed, Halynke c. 1320 Steinman, 1399MinAcct , Haylyng 1548LRMB . This name may be identical with Halling (PN Bk 156), hence 'the people of Healla ,' v. ingas .The rarity of any spellings with final es or even e is, however, noteworthy, and it may be that the second element is OE  hlinc, 'hill, link ,' as suggested tentatively by Ekwall (PN in -ing 29).