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Major Settlement in the Parish of Sutton on the Forest

Historical Forms

  • Hobi 1086 DB 1167,1172,1178,1179 P
  • Hoby 1135–54 Kirkham 1180–1 YCh 1399 Pat
  • Houby 1326 NRS
  • Huby, Hubie 1398 Pat 1571 FF 1577 NRS
  • Hewby 1538 Dugdiv.567 1614 NR


Lindkvist is mistaken in his etymology of Huby; there probably was no hór (= ON  hár ) in Anglo-Scandinavian. Hoby (Lei) appears as Houcbig 1066 Thorpe, Houbia 1086 DB, Hou (e )by 1326, 1349 Cl, 1407 Pat, and the first form gives the clue to the etymology. Both names mean 'farm on the spur of land,' v. hoh , by , and are to be compared with the numerous Huttons (passim ). Huby is also the name of a little village near Harrogate (YWR), which stands on a ridge of land similar to that at the present Huby.

Places in the same Parish

Major Settlement