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Early-attested site in the Parish of Sibson cum Stibbington

Historical Forms

  • Wylmesford 972–92 BCS1130 c.1200
  • Walmesford 1184 Gilb 15th Bract 1224 Ass 1227 Rams 1244 RH c.1350 Ch 1279 ADiv 1297 Orig 13th FF 1305 1324,1348
  • Wammeford 1218 FF
  • Wanesford 1346 FA
  • Walmesford al. Waynsford 1589 FF


As BCS 1130 is a record of land acquired for Peterborough Abbey by its second founder, Æthelwold, Bishop of Winchester, it may very well have been written by a West Saxon clerk and the earliest and later forms of this name can then be reconciled.Wylmes will be the West Saxon form, and Walmes will be from the Anglian form wælm of the same word. The latter is the one we should normally expect in this area. The meaning would be 'ford of the spring or stream.' As a stream flows into the Nen just opposite Wansford village, the latter meaning seems entirely appropriate.

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Early-attested site

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