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Early-attested site in the Parish of Paull

Historical Forms

  • Stocholm(e), Stokholm(e) 1197–1210 Melsa t.John AddCh 1478 YD
  • Stokholmlandes, Stokholmlond 1374 YD 1392 Works


Stockholm is Stocholm (e ), Stokholm (e )1197–1210 Melsa, t. JohnAddCh et freq to 1478 YD, Stokholmlandes , Stokholmlond 1374 YD, 1392 Works. This is of the same origin as the Swedish and Danish place-name Stokholm , from OScand  stokkr and holmr . The usual meaning of stokkr is 'tree-stump,' but in Scandinavian place- names it had a wide variety of applications (cf. ON på -by 25, DaSN(F) 56). Here the compound may have denoted 'low-lying land cleared of trees.' Cf. OScand  stokkland 'clearing in a wood.'