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Early-attested site in the Parish of Lyme Regis

Historical Forms

  • la Cobbe 1295 Misc
  • le Cobbe 1328 Pat 1381 Ct
  • Cobbe' or 'Conners' 1378 Misc, Pat
  • Cobbe (quidem locus …vocatus Cobbe) 1380 MinAcct
  • the Cobbe of Lyme 1539 LP 1565 SPDom
  • the Cob 1583 Hutch3
  • the Peere or Cobb 1586 Hutch3
  • the Pe(e)re Key or the Cobb, Le Pe(e)re Key or le Cobb 1634,1674 Hutch3
  • The Cobb or Pere, formerly called the Conner 1774 Hutch1
  • Lyme Cobb 1811 OS


Cobb (locality SY337917), named from The Cobb (the semi-circular pier or quay itself), recorded as la Cobbe 1295 Misc, le Cobbe 1328 Pat, 1381Ct , the 'Cobbe ' or 'Conners '1378 Misc, Pat, Cobbe (quidem locusvocatus Cobbe )1380MinAcct , the Cobbe of Lyme 1539 LP, 1565SPDom , the Cob 1583 Hutch3, the Peere or Cobb 1586 Hutch3, the Pe (e )re Key or the Cobb , Le Pe (e )re Key or le Cobb 1634, 1674 Hutch3, The Cobb or Pere , formerly called the Conner 1774 Hutch1, Lyme Cobb 1811 OS, cf. the 'kaie '1334 Hutch3, from OE  *cobb(e) 'a round lump, a rounded mass' (cf. NED s.v. cob sb). The 14th-cent. form Conners may be from ME  conner 'a tester, an examiner, an inspector' (also found as a ME surname, v. Thuresson 156), perhaps with the implication that goods landed here were subject to inspection and the payment of dues, cf. the Custom House supra and v. Hutch3 265 for a detailed account of the Cobb dues payable in 1585.