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Other OS name in the Parish of Lyme Regis


, at mouth of R . Lim , first recorded thus in 1535–43 Leland 1244 : ' Ther cummith a shalow brooke from the hilles about a 3 miles of by north , and cummith fleting on great stones through a stone bridge in the bottom . The tounes men communely caul this water the Buddel ' , cf. also ' lane leading to river Buddle ' 1697 LymeR , probably to be compared with Buddlewall in Hawkchurch par . supra , from boðl ' dwelling, house ' ( thus assuming transference of name from habitation at the river mouth to the river mouth itself ) , but cf. the mining term buddle ( eModE  buddel ) ' a shallow inclined vat in which ore iswashed ' ( 1531–2 NED ) .