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Preston Hill, Preston Hill Fm, Preston Hill Plant., Preston Ho

Early-attested site in the Parish of Iwerne Minster

Historical Forms

  • Preston(e) Hy1 ShaftR 15 SR 1327 SR 1332
  • Preston(e) juxta Shaftesbury 1345 FF
  • I(y)werne Court(e)nay' 1354 FF
  • Preston(e) juxta Sheftebury 1372 FF
  • Preston(e) juxta Shereueton 1374 FF
  • Prestentun 15 Hutch3
  • Preston 1811 OS
  • Preston Barn 1811 OS
  • Preston Down 1841 TA


Preston Hill, Preston Hill Fm, Preston Hill Plant., Preston Ho (ST 864139), Preston (e )Hy 1 (15) ShaftR , 1327SR , 1332 SR, Preston (e ) juxta Shaftesbury 1345 FF, 'Preston (e ) near I (y )werne Court (e )ney ', 'Preston (e ) near I (y )werne Court (e )nay '1354 FF, Preston (e ) juxta Sheftebury 1372 FF, Preston (e ) juxta Shereueton 1374 FF et passim , Prestentun n.d. (15) Hutch3, 'priest farm', from prēost and tūn , cf. Preston 1230 which is identical in origin; it is ½ mile N of Iwerne Courtney or Shroton supra , 6 miles S of Shaftesbury infra . It was a tithing of Pimperne hundred in 1327SR , 1332 SR, 1548Ct , it is described as 'part in Blandford and part in Shaftesbury division' in 1645 Hutch3 3540, and a manorial or administrative connection with Steepleton Iwerne par. is suggested by the late affixed form Steepleton Preston used of that place, v. 2114. On 1811 OS, Preston Ho is Preston 1811 OS, Preston Hill Fm is Preston Barn 1811 OS, and Preston Hill (1841TA ) is Preston Down 1841TA .