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Hill Fm (Plant.)

Early-attested site in the Parish of Iwerne Minster

Historical Forms

  • Hille 1086 DB
  • Hull(e) 13 Glyn 1270 ChrP 1372 Hutch3 1291 FA 1303 SR 1327 FA 1412
  • Hull(e) juxta Ywerneministre 1336 FF
  • Hull(e) by Iwernemynster 1461 Pat
  • Hulla 1372 ChrP
  • Lytelhull 1431 FA
  • Hull or Hill 1774 Hutch1 1869 Hutch3
  • Hulles, Hullys 1372 ChrP


'(Place at) the hill', v. hyll ; the farm stands at 619′, the highest part of Iwerne Hill infra . The affixes lȳtel 'little', Lat  parva, perhaps denoted the smaller part of a divided manor. The DB identification follows Eyton, Fägersten, DBGazetteer and VCH; DB Hille is tentatively identified with Gold Hill in Ch. Okeford par. supra by C. & F. Thorn, Domesday Book : Dorset , Phillimore, 1983.