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Colliton Ho, Colliton Park

Early-attested site in the Parish of Dorchester St Peter & All Saints

Historical Forms

  • Collyton land(e), Colliton land(e) 1611 DuCo
  • Cullenton 1664 HTax
  • Colliton 1774 Map


Colliton Ho (1863 Hutch3), Colliton Park (SY 690909), Collyton land (e ), Colliton land (e )1611DuCo , Cullenton 1664 HTax, Colliton 1774 Map.An earlier name for the S part of the adjacent street now called Glyde Path Hill supra , and also for a tithing in St George hundred, was Colies Row 1480 Hutch3, (vicus vocatus ) Col (l )yncol (le ) Rew (e )1542, 1547 DorR, Col (l )yncol (le ) streate 1559 DorR, Collencollrew 1547 DorR, Colliton Row (e )1622 Hutch3et freq to 1863 ib, Colliten Rowe 1668 DorR; here Coll (e )-, -col (le )- represent the ME  pers.n. or surname Col (l ) (often a pet form of Nicholas ), and Col (l )yn , -en a diminutive of this, the meaning of the name being '(Colin) Coll's row of houses', v. rǣw , rāw , cf. 'the tenement of Nicholas Cole '1399 DorR (situated on the E side of the street later called Colles Row near its junction with the lane later called Colliton St. supra ). -ton in Colliton may then simply be a 17th cent, analogical substitution for -coll , though of course it is possible that Colliton is an earlier independent formation from the same or a similar pers.n. and tūn .