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Witchford Hundred

Hundred in the County of The Isle of Ely

Historical Forms

  • (in) hundredis suis de Wichefort c.1128 Thorney
  • (in) hundredis suis (Eliensis ecclesia) de Wichefordia t.Hy2 Ch 1314
  • (hundredo de) Wich(e)ford(e), (hundredo de) Wych(e)ford(e) 1178–89 ChronRams 17th MinAcct 1399
  • Wiceford t.Hy5 Fleet
  • Wecheforde 1418 MinAcct
  • lauehove 1306 ElyF
  • Louehoue t. Ed 1 ElyCh
  • (le) Loweweye, (le) Loweweyehowe, (le) Loweweyehoue 13th, 1304–12 ElyCh
  • Lowway 1693 Ct


In DB and InqEl, the two hundreds of Ely are said to meet at Witchford (v. supra 213). Later the “hundred courte (was) houlden at Witchforde Stoune ″ (1596Depositions ). Cf. Wichfordstone 1419ElyCouch . In 1657 and 1660 we have reference to the “court kept at Lowhill called the Shereffesturn” (Ct ). Cf. cur ' de Wychamlowe 1409 ib., Wychamlowfurlong 1423ElyCh (apparently in or near Sutton).v. hlāw . In Witcham, too, we have lauehove 1306ElyF , Louehoue t. Ed 1ElyCh and (le ) Loweweye , (le ) Loweweyehowe , (le ) Loweweyehoue 13th, 1304–12ElyCh , Lowway 1693Ct , v. hōh , weg . Louehoue is presumably identical with Lowhill and Loweweye is the road leading to the meeting-place of the hundred.

Parishes in this Hundred