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Chadlington Hundred

Hundred in the County of Oxfordshire

Historical Forms

  • Chedelinton' 1168–9 P 1278–9 RH
  • Chedelington' 1192 P
  • Chadelinton' 1195 P 1344 Ipm
  • Chaderington' 1242 Cl
  • Chadelington' 1275–6 RH
  • Chadelyngtone 1285 Ass
  • Chadlington 1314 Ipm
  • Cheneward'berge 1156 P
  • Kenesward' 1162 P
  • Kenewardes 1163 P
  • Kanewardesberga 1192 P
  • Kineswardesburg 1195 P
  • Kinewardesburc 1197 P
  • Kinewardesberg 1199 P


v. Chadlington infra 338–9.

According to DB, the soke of three hundreds belonged to the royal manor of Shipton under Wychwood. Two of these are mentioned in the 12th century as the two hundreds of Chadlington. The third is mentioned by name as Cheneward 'berge 1156 P, Kenesward '1162 P, Kenewardes 1163 P, Kanewardesberga 1192 P, Kineswardesburg 1195 P, Kinewardesburc 1197 P, Kinewardesberg 1199 P. This is the old name of Shipton Barrow, which is called Kenners Barrow by Plot in 1676, and which was evidently the meeting place of the hundred. The name means 'Cyneweard 's barrow,' v. be(o)rg.

There is a Hundredum de Linham (v. Lyneham 362) mentioned late 13th Os, which Salter says is one of the hundreds of Chadlington.If so, the meeting place may have been the 'speech hill' (Spelberwe , Spelberwesfurlong ) mentioned late 12thDodsworth , in Fifield.