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King's Sutton Hundred

Hundred in the County of Northamptonshire

Historical Forms

  • Suttunes a.1076 GeldRoll
  • Sutone, Sudtone DB
  • Sutton 1195 P
  • Eadboldestowe a. 1076 Geld Roll
  • Edboldeston, Edboldestou, Alboldestou 1086 DB
  • Albodestow 1181 P
  • Abbotestan 1230, 1241 P


v. King's Sutton infra 58. The north-eastern part was originally an independent hundred and was named Eadboldestowe a. 1076 Geld Roll, Edboldeston , Edboldestou , Alboldestou 1086 DB, 1156 P , Albadesto 1161, Albodesto 1162 P, Albodestow 1181 P, Abbotestan 1230, 1241 P. 'Ealdbeald 's place,' v. stow .For such a use of stow in a hundred-name, cf. s. n. Wixamtree (PN BedsHu 87–8). The traditional meeting-place of the hundred of Alboldestou was in the Gallows -field of Stuchbury on a small hill (Bridges i, 203).