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Bere Regis Hundred

Hundred in the County of Dorset

Historical Forms

  • Bere hundret c.1086 GeldR
  • Berahdr' 1170,1180 P
  • uthundredum de Bera 1180 ib
  • Hundredum de Bere 1230 1244 1249 Ipm 1265 Misc 1268 Ass 1316 FA
  • (Hundr' de) Beere 1258 For 1428 FA
  • Dimidium Hundredum de Bere 1280,1288 Ass
  • Ber' 1303 FA
  • (Hundr' de) Byre 1327 SR 1332 SR 1346 FA 1476 Cl
  • Byre maner' et hundred' 1362 Ipm
  • hd of Bere Regis 1542 LP
  • Hundredum de Kingeswinterburn in 1212 Fees


Named from Bere Regis infra which was the caput of the hundred and to which manor it was annexed (Anderson 124). The 'half-hundred' (dimidium hundredum ) perhaps refers to the part left after Barrow hundred q. v. infra was taken out of it. There is mention of Hundredum de Kingeswinterburn in 1212 Fees, named from Winterborne Kingston par. infra , which may be an alternative name for this hundred.

Parishes in this Hundred