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Gt Sedge Oak Coppice & Lt Sedge Oak Coppice

Other OS name in the Parish of Ashmore

Historical Forms

  • Shide Oke Coppice 1590 LRMB
  • Shideoke (possibly Shidtoke), Long Broderidge or Longe seege Cork (adjacent coppices) 1618 Map
  • Sedge Oak 1839 TA(TarrantG.)


, Shide Oke Coppice 1590LRMB , Shideoke (possibly Shidtoke ), Long Broderidge or Longe seege Cork (adjacent coppices)1618Map ,Sedge Oak 1839TA (Tarrant G.) , on the par . bdy , v. BroadridgeCoppice supra . The older forms may represent two names for two different trees , or two names for the same tree , the modern form apparently combining the two : Shide Oke may be from scīd ' board, plank, beam ' and āc , although scite ' excrement ' cannot be ruled out for the first el . in view of the form seege Cork which may be from ME  sege ( ModE  siege ) ' privy, excrement ' and cork ' cork-oak tree ' , cf. also Bussey Stool Fm 1 mile SE in Tarrant G . par . infra .