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Hayridge Hundred

Hundred in the County of Devon

Historical Forms

  • Harrigge 1181 P 1244 Ass 1318 Ipm
  • Harigg(e) 1238 Ass 1275 RH
  • Haurege 1184 P
  • Haurig' 1249 Ass
  • Hairigg 1323 Ipm


In the Geld Roll this Hundred is called Sulfertone from Silverton infra 569. The forms are difficult and inconsistent. It has been suggested that the hundred-name should be associated with Whorridge in Bradninch infra 556 (Blomé 91), but it is difficult to see how the names can be connected. It is possible that both alike go back to OE  hār -hrycg , 'grey' or 'boundary ridge,' but if so the two names have developed on entirely independent lines.