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Repton and Gresley Hundred

Hundred in the County of Derbyshire

Historical Forms

  • Walecros Wap' 1086 DB
  • wapentac et hundredrum de Rapendona c. 1158 Danelaw
  • Wapentac de Rapendon' 1166 P
  • wapentachi de Greseleg' 1243 Fees
  • hundr' de Greseley 1275 RH
  • Wapp de Greselegh 1276 ib


The hundred is first found as Walecros Wap '1086 DB which may be 'Welshmen's cross', v. walh , cros . Anderson (EHN 36) prefers 'Váli's cross' and compares Walshcroft L, and with the single form available the latter appears more satisfactory.

It is wapentac et hundredrum de Rapendona c. 1158 Danelaw, Wapentac de Rapendon '1166 P from Repton infra 653. Subsequent forms are of little particular interest in view of the numerous early ones for Repton. This is clearly the earlier post-Conquest name for in the 13th century part of the hundred is called wapentachi de Greseleg '1243 Fees, hundr ' de Greseley 1275 RH, Wapp de Greselegh 1276 ib from Gresley infra 636, and later the two are coupled. In RH the latter is said to consist of one half of Repton Hundred.