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Seckloe Hundred

Hundred in the County of Buckinghamshire

Historical Forms

  • Sigelai 1086 DB
  • Seggeslawa 1182 P 1247,1262 Ass 1276 RH
  • Seggelawa 1189 P
  • Segelawa 1195 P 1262 Ass
  • Seggelawe 1232 Fees135
  • Segghelawe 1241 Ass
  • Segelowe 1284,1302 FA
  • Seglowe 1316,1346 FA


The second element is hlaw. The first may be a personal name Secgg (a ) or, more probably, it is the OE  secg , 'warrior,' in the gen. pl. secga . Intrusive s is common in such forms as Seggeslawa . 'Warriors' hill' might well be the name for a Hundred meeting-place. The change from g [dʒ] to k is difficult and the gap of three hundred years in the forms unfortunate.

The actual site of the meeting-place has not hitherto been identified but in a Loughton Terrier we have Secloe feilde (1639) and Seclo (1693), while in Bradwell Terriers we have thrice mention in the 17th cent. of Seckley field . Etymologically this name may well be identical with that of the Hundred, and a place on the border of Bradwell and Loughton parishes would be central for the whole Hundred. If this is correct, the exact site may be on Bradwell Common, where cross-roads meet, at the highest point.