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Ock Hundred

Hundred in the County of Berkshire

Historical Forms

  • Eggeford 1176 P
  • Hokkeforde c.1180 Abingdon 13th
  • Ocford 1219 Fees
  • Ock', Okeford' 1220 ib
  • Ucke 1241 Ass 1264–5 InqMisc
  • Hecke 1241 Ass
  • Ock(e), Oke 1275–6 RH 1277 Ipm
  • Okke 1316 FA 1380 Cl
  • a ponte yccheford Hy 1 (c. 1200) ClaudiusCix
  • Merceham 1086 DB
  • Mercheham c. 1200 ClaudiusCix
  • Sudtone, Sudtune, Suttune 1086 DB
  • Sutton' 1169, 1177 P et freq
  • Sutton 1275–6 RH, 1316, 1428 FA


The hundred was named from a ford across the Ock near Abingdon, called (on ) Eoccenforda in the bounds of Abingdon (v. Pt 3).This was the site of Ock Bridge (436), which was referred to in the phrase a ponte yccheford Hy 1 (c. 1200) ClaudiusCix . An inquisition was held at this bridge in 1290 (Ipm 11, 473). An enclosed piece of land between Abingdon and Ocke mill, where the hundred-court used to be held, is mentioned 1275–6 RH. In the 13th cent, the hundred-name was shortened from Ockford to Ock . For the river- name v. Pt 114–15.

The ford, which marked the meeting-place, was on the boundary of the two earlier Hundreds of Marcham and Sutton , and on the boundary between the joint Hundred and that of Hormer.

Marcham Hundred is Merceham 1086 DB, Mercheham c. 1200ClaudiusCix , from Marcham 414. Sutton Hundred is Sudtone , Sudtune , Suttune 1086 DB, Sutton '1169, 1177 P et freq , Sutton 1275–6 RH, 1316, 1428 FA, from Sutton Courtenay 424. Marcham Hundred changed its name to Ockford (later Ock ) in the 12th-13th cent. Sutton retained its own name until the 15th cent, but was generally combined with Ock from the 12th cent.