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Kintbury Eagle Hundred

Hundred in the County of Berkshire

Historical Forms

  • Cheneteberie 1086 DB c.1200 ClaudiusCix
  • Keneteberi 1175 P
  • Kenetesberi 1188 P
  • Eglei 1086 DB
  • Heggelea 1169 P
  • Egeslea 1171 ib
  • Eggelea 1176 ib
  • Eggeleya 1219 Fees
  • Egel', Eggelye 1220 ib
  • Egele, Eggeleg' 1225 Ass 1229–30 FF
  • Eggele 1225 Ass 1428 FA
  • Egle 1275–6 RH
  • Eggle 1316 FA
  • Kintbury Egle 1569 Anderson


Anderson (208) concludes that in view of the persistent -e - of the ME  spellings, the first el. is probably the pers.n. Ecga , and the etymology 'Ecga's wood or clearing', v. lēah , in which case the name is identical with Egley Sr 157. The site of the meeting place is not known. The two hundreds are frequently mentioned together (cf. hds of Eggle and Kineteburie 1265 Anderson, Duo Hundr ' de Kentebury et Eggele 1307 ib, Hundreda de Kenetbury et Eggle 1316 FA). The combined hundred is called Kintbury Egle 1569 Anderson.

The Hundred of Kintbury contained the hitherto unidentified 1-hide manor of Ebrige , which may be Irish Hill in Hampstead Marshall, v. 299.