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Ganfield Hundred

Hundred in the County of Berkshire

Historical Forms

  • Gamesfel, Gamesfelle, Gamenesfelle 1086 DB
  • Gamelisfeld 1175 P
  • Gamenesfeld c.1200 ClaudiusCix
  • Gamenesfeldia 1219 Fees
  • Gamenefeld 1220 1223–4 FF
  • Gamenefeld, Gamelefeld 1224–5 Ass
  • Gamenefeld' 1241,1284 1294 SR
  • Gamenesfelde, Gamenefeud 1275–6 RH
  • Gamenefeld 1327, 1332 SR (p)
  • Canefeld 1361 Pat
  • Ganefelde 1384 Cl
  • Ganfeld 1473–4 RentSur


The name survives in Gainfield Fm in Buckland. (eal ) feld , 'all Gainfield', is said 957 (c. 1200) BCS 1005 to belong to an estate in Buckland. Later forms for the place in Buckland are Gamenefeld 1327, 1332SR (p), Canefeld 1361 Pat, Ganefelde 1384 Cl, Ganfeld 1473–4RentSur . There is nothing to add to the discussion of the etymology in Anderson (212). The name means 'open land of games', v. feld , possibly with reference to some festivity or sports connected with the holding of the hundred court. Anderson suggests that gama in the charter form is an abbreviation of gamena 'of the games'; he also notes that gamena glosses ludorum . The name would be similar to Plaistow. 'All Gainfield' in BCS 1005 may be the projecting corner of Buckland parish, between two streams, in which Gainfield Fm is situated. It is in the centre of the Hundred.

Ganfield Hundred contained the DB manor of Lierecote ; it is suggested 386 that this is a poor spelling for Barcote in Buckland.