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Compton Hundred

Hundred in the County of Berkshire

Historical Forms

  • Comton' 1169 P
  • Cumtone 1195 ib
  • Cumptona 1219 Fees
  • Cumpton' 1220 1225,1241,1248,1261 Ass
  • Compton 1275–6 RH 1316 FA
  • Nachededorn(e) 1086 DB
  • Lachetorne 1130 P
  • Nakedesthorn 1183 ib
  • Nachedesdorne c. 1200 ClaudiusCix


v. Compton infra 498. The hundred was appurtenant to the royal manor of Compton, and in the 12th cent, the name of the manor replaced the original name of the hundred. This latter was Nachededorn (e )1086 DB, Lachetorne 1130 P, Nakedesthorn 1183 ib, Nachedesdorne c. 1200ClaudiusCix . DB describes a manor named Nachededorne in Nachededorn Hundret . It is suggested VCH iv, 16, that this was amalgamated with the manor of Compton. The name means 'bare thorn-tree' (OE  nacod 'naked' and þorn ). The site is unknown.v. W. H. Stevenson, Asser 238, for the possibility that this might be the unica spinosa arbor , round which, according to Asser, the battle of Ashdown was fought in 870. Compton is at the E. end of the Downs (earlier Ashdown , v. Pt 12–4).