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Major Settlement in the Parish of Wickhamford

Historical Forms

  • Wicwona 709 BCS125 c.1200
  • Wigorne 714 BCS130 16th
  • Wycweoniga gemære c.860 KCD289 c.1200
  • Wiquene 1086 DB
  • Wichwana c.1086 EveA 1190
  • Wikkewan 1251 Ch
  • Wike Waneford 1255 Ass 1275 SR
  • Wikewone, Wikewane, Wykewane 1327,1332 SR 1397 Pat
  • Wykeword 1346 FA
  • Wyk(e)wansford 1389 Pat 1545 LP
  • Wikewanford 1471 IpmR
  • Wycanford 1550 Pat
  • Wikenford 1577 Saxton
  • Wic(k)hamford 1593 Wills 17th FF
  • Wicconford 1634 QSR
  • Wickwanford 1657 FF


This name must be taken together with Childs Wickham (Gl), Childeswicwon in BCS 117, which lies on the same small stream, now called Badsey Brook. For Childs Wickham we have another form in BCS 1282, viz. Uuiguuennan (dat.). Little can be done with this name. Professor Ekwall calls attention to the apt parallel Wigewen broke (KCD 706) in Bradford-on-Avon (W). The diversity of the early forms clearly points to a Celtic original which the English settlers had difficulty in handling.

Places in the same Parish

Early-attested site