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Major Settlement in the Parish of Tardebigge

Historical Forms

  • Tærdebicgan 974 BCS1317 11th
  • Terdebiggan 11th Heming
  • Tyrdebicgan 11th Heming
  • Terdebigan 11th Hickesno.45 17th
  • Terdeberie 1086 DB
  • Terde(s)bigga R1 Ch 1266
  • Terdebigga 1138 BM 1169–92 P 1275,1327 SR
  • Terdebig 1230 Cl
  • Therdebigge 1258 FF
  • Tertebigge 1275 Ass
  • Terbygge 1486,1499 Pat
  • Tardbick 1675 Ogilby
  • Tarbeck 1680 FF
  • Tarbick, Tarbeck, Tarbigg, Torbick, Turbick 17th QSR


It is impossible to make any headway with this name. The early forms suggest possible association with the pers. name Tyrdda found in Tredington supra 172. As æ becomes a in ME  in this county it is possible that the first form Tærd - is for Terd -. If it were not we should have expected ME  Tard -. The suffix with its cg looks more like English than Celtic, but no suggestion can be made as to its meaning.