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Major Settlement in the Parish of Offenham

Historical Forms

  • Offeham 709 BCS125 c.1200
  • Vffaham 714 BCS130 16th
  • Uffenham c.860 KCD289(iii.395) c.1200 Pat 1392
  • Afanhamme 1058 BM
  • Offenham 1086 DB 1535 VE
  • Offam 1251 Ch
  • Hoffenham 1275 SR 1340 NI
  • Uffenam, Uffnam, Uphnam 1584 Marr 1590 Wills 1677 Marr


'The hamm of Uffa .' It lies in a bend of the Avon. Here, as in Uffmoor in Hasbury infra 295, it is clear that there was early confusion between the pers. names Offa and Uffa , a confusion commented on by Redin (102–3). Here the more common form Offa ultimately prevailed. For another Uff - form, cf. uffanlege in Himbleton (BCS 542) and Uffanhealas in Ombersley (BCS 116).

Places in the same Parish

Early-attested site