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Early-attested site in the Parish of Lindridge

Historical Forms

  • Menehey 1240 WoP
  • atte Meneheye 1315 AlmBk
  • Meneye 1327 Kyre
  • Menney Wood 1649 Surv


There can be no doubt that this is a compound of OE  (ge )mǣne , 'common,' and (ge)hæg, hence 'fenced enclosure in woodland, held in common.' From references in the charters (BCS 386, 1234) we find that mæd, feld , læs (i.e. open pasture), yrðlond (arable land), wuduland , could be described as gemǣne and the adjective is found compounded with gara , wielle , leah , denu , hyll , mor (BCS 390, 664, 1004, 1051, 1221). In 1240 (WoP) we have mention of a mene medwe in Lindridge. Cf. also Meneatt Fm infra 77, Menewud in Fineshade (Nth) (1227 Ch), Meanwood (Y) and Menecroft (LyttCh). Menith Wood was first enclosed in 1816 (VCH iii. 443).

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