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Early-attested site in the Parish of King's Norton

Historical Forms

  • æt Wreodanhale 780 BCS234 849 BCS455 11th BCS701 934 11th
  • Weredeshale 1086 DB
  • Wrodenhale 1187 P 1342 LyttCh
  • Wredenhale 1275 SR 1289 FF
  • Wrednall 1427 Ct 1589–93 NQB
  • Rednall 1594 Wills


Professors Ekwall and Zachrisson agree in suggesting that we have here as the first element the gen. sg. of an OE  wride , wreode , a variant of OE  gewrid , 'thicket,' from the weak grade of wrīðan , 'to twist.' For the o -forms cf. Hurtlehill supra 73.Hence 'nook of the thicket,' v. healh .