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Elmley Lovett

Major Settlement in the Parish of Elmley Lovett

Historical Forms

  • Elmesetene gemære 817 BCS361 11th
  • Elmsetena gemære 980 KCD627 11th
  • Ælmeleia 1086 DB
  • Almelega Ricardi de Portes c.1150 Surv
  • Aumeleg(a) 1210 RBE 1212 Fees140
  • Almeleye Lovet 1275 SR
  • Elmeleye Lovet 1327 SR
  • Awmeley Lovet 1428 FA


OE  elma -lēage (dat.), 'clearing of the elm-trees,' v. leah . For the Alm -, Aum - forms v. Zachrisson, A. N. Influence 147. In the first forms we have the usual irrational addition of sæte to the first element of a place-name, to denote its inhabitants. The Portes family continued to hold land in Elmley till 1327 (VCH iii. 107), and one Richard was holding in 1166 (RBE), but the Lovett family inter-married with them early in the 13th cent.