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Major Settlement in the Parish of Eldersfield

Historical Forms

  • Yldresfeld 972 BCS1282 c.1050
  • Edresfelle 1086 DB
  • Heldresfelde c.1086 EveA 1190 P 1167
  • Hederefeld, Ederefeld, Ederesfeld, Æderesfeld 1183,1185,1190 P
  • Eldrefeld(ia) 1220 Bracton 1221 FF
  • Eldresfeld 1262 Ipm 1275 SR 1291 Tax 1394 IpmR
  • Elde(s)feld 1327 SR 1362 FF
  • Ellesfeld 1431 FA
  • Eldresfeld al. Elsfeld 1493 Ipm


It is impossible to explain the first element in this name without assuming some kind of irregular development. OE  Yldres - could not in this district, if we assume the y to be original, yield post-Conquest e and æ . It is possible to associate yld -, eld - and æld - forms if we take y to be LWS  for ie , but no pers. name which could yield in WS  Ieldres - or in Mercian Aeldres - is known. The suggestion may be hazarded that the first element is really the OE  pers. name Ealdhere but that this was confused with the comparative form ældra (WS  ieldra ) derived from eald and that the name became Aeldresfeld and even Yldresfeld . In many of the early forms the first l of the whole name has been lost by a process of dissimilation. Hence 'Ealdhere's open land,' v. feld .