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Major Settlement in the Parish of Dowles

Historical Forms

  • Dules 1217 Pat
  • Doules 1292 QW 1312 FF
  • Dowlys, Dowlyz 1535 VE
  • Dowles 1541 LP 1549 Pat


This place is clearly named from the brook on which it stands. From a grant made in 1127 to Malvern Priory (Dugd. iii. 448) in which the land on the opposite side of the Severn from Northwood in Wribbenhall is called Hakiesheia , it is clear that this district had an alternative name of English origin. In an undated charter (Hy 1), inspeximus in Pat 1376, another form of the name is Achiseia . This is clearly the 'hay' (v. (ge)hæg) of a man named Aecci or Ecci ; cf. Eckington infra 195.Dowles Brook contains an old river-name preserved for us in Dalch R. (D), Doflisc in the first Crawford Charter, and in the place-name Dawlish (D), (Doflisc KCD 940) and Dowlish (So), Douelish in the Muchelney Cartulary, which like Dowles take their names from the streams on which they stand. Dawlish Water is still so-called; for Dowlish we have only Dowlish Ford on an unnamed river. See further IPN 24.

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