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Major Settlement in the Parish of Conderton

Historical Forms

  • Cantuaretun 875 BCS541 11th
  • Cantertun c.1170 WoC c.1250
  • Canterton, Kanterton 1201 Cur 1220 Bracton 1227,1258 FF
  • Conterton 1269 FF 1322 Pat
  • Conterton juxta Overbury 1233 FF 1327 SR
  • Canderton 1577 Saxton
  • Conderton 16thand17th Wills


In view of the first form quoted here it seems almost impossible to avoid the conclusion that this name is from OE  Cantwara -tūn , 'farm of the men of Kent,' and that the settlement must have been established by some migrants from that county. Cf. Exton (Ha) which was a settlement by men from Essex. v. Mawer PN and History 10. The only other possibility is to take the first element as an unrecorded fem. pers. name Cæntwaru , parallels to which are found in Centwine and Centweald .

Places in the same Parish

Early-attested site