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Major Settlement in the Parish of Charlton

Historical Forms

  • Ceorletun 780 BCS235 11th Heming 11th DB 1086
  • Ceorlatuna 11th Heming
  • Chedeton 1208 Fees37 1292 Ipm
  • Chedeton apud Fladebury 1299 RBB 18th FA 1431
  • Chedinton 1346,1428 FA
  • Chadton 16th Wills


v. ceorl . The form Cherlinton possibly goes back to an OE  ceorlena -tūn , with weak gen. pl. such as we find in the corresponding Scandinavianised Carlenton , which is fairly common as an early form for Carlton . Cf. EPN 43. It may however merely represent an irrational assimilation of the present name to the numerous ingtun -names in this county.

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