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Areley Kings

Major Settlement in the Parish of Areley Kings

Historical Forms

  • (H)erneleia c.1138 BM
  • Ernele 1156 Ch 1266
  • Ernleʒe, Ernleie c.1200andc.1250 Layamon
  • Arneley 1275 Ass
  • Alrelege 1283 Wigorn
  • Arleye 1291 Tax 1428 FA
  • Ardley Regis, Kyngges Arley 1405 Pat
  • Areley 1453 Pat 1535 VE 1549 Pat


This place-name is clearly the same as that found in Upper Arley infra 30, though the places are too far apart for us to think that the same clearing is referred to in the two settlements.Kings because it was part of the royal manor of Martley. It was also known as Nether Areley in contrast to Upper or Over Arley and the curiously artificial modern spelling may have arisen from the same cause.

Places in the same Parish

Early-attested site