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Boreham and Boreham Down

Early-attested site in the Parish of Warminster

Historical Forms

  • Buriton 1241 FF 1242 Fees
  • Burython' 1258 Ass
  • Borton juxta Wermenistre 1281 ib
  • Boryton juxta Bisshopestrowe 1440 FF
  • Boorham Down 1575 For
  • Boreham al. Burton in Warmester 1582 PCC
  • Boram al. Burton 1585 WMxxi
  • Bourton al. Boreham 1592 Daniell
  • Bowram t.Eliz ChancP
  • Borams downe 1589 Corpus


The original name represents an OE  (æt ) byrigtun , 'farm belonging to a burh' (cf. Burton supra 49–50, infra 178), the burh in this case being Warminster. For the earlier forms cf. Buriton (Ha) which is Buriton from 1227 (Ch) onwards. The reason for the later corruption is not clear.