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Great Somerford and Little Somerford

Major Settlement in the Parish of Somerford

Historical Forms

  • Sumerford 937 BCS719 c.1125
  • Somerford 956 14th ib
  • Somerford Mauduyt, Somerford Mautravers 1268 Ass
  • Somerford Mauduth, Somerford Mautravers 1275 RH
  • Somerford Matreface 1553 WMx
  • Somreford, Sumreford 1086 DB
  • Brode Somerford 1409 FF 1428 Pat
  • Somerford Magna alias Brode Somerford 1588 FF
  • Somerford Magna al. Somerford Matravers al. Broad Somerford 1610 Recov
  • Little Somerford al. Somerford Mauditt 1681 ib
  • Maitravers in 1196 (Cur)
  • Mauduth in 1275 (RH)


'Ford usable during the summer months,' cf. Somerford Keynes supra 46–7. Great Somerford was held by Walter Maitravers in 1196 (Cur), Little Somerford by John Mauduth in 1275 (RH). For Broad in the sense 'great,' cf. infra 204.

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