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Early-attested site in the Parish of Somerford Keynes

Historical Forms

  • Schernecote 1086 DB
  • Scerncote 1242 Fees
  • Shernecot 1249 FF
  • Cernecote 1198 P 1199 FF 1566 FF
  • Sernecote 1235 Cl 1289 Ass 1535 VE
  • Sernekote 1269 Ipm
  • Serncot 1242 Fees
  • Sarnecote t.Hy3 Ipm
  • Sharncote 1375 Ipm
  • Sharcote 1387 ib
  • Sernecote al. Sharncote 1418 IpmR
  • Sharncote al. Cerncote 1568 FF
  • Sharnecott al. Cernecott 1631 WIpm


Probably a compound of OE  scearn , 'dung' and cot(e). The later numerous spellings with initial c and s must be due to the influence of the neighbouring river Cerne (v. RN s. n .) and South Cemey (Gl) on that stream. It is not likely that it is actually named from the river; the forms make it improbable, and it is more than a mile distant. It is really nearer to the upper Thames.

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