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Major Settlement in the Parish of Milston

Historical Forms

  • Mildestone 1086 DB 1428 FA
  • Mildestone Gogeon 1401 IpmR
  • Mildistona 1178 BM
  • Midleston 1203 Cur 1242 Fees 1296 Ipm
  • Mideleston 1262 ib
  • Middestone 1212 RBE
  • Middleston 1226 Pat
  • Milleston 1309 1346 Ass
  • Mulleston 1330 Ipm
  • Millson t.Jas1 ECP
  • Milston cum Brigmilston 1826 Hoare


Ekwall (DEPN) suggests that this is from OE  midlesta tun , 'midmost tun.' This is possible from the point of view of form (cf. Mildestwic (DB) for Middlewich (Ch) and various examples of Middleton found in DB in the form Milde (n )tone ), but it is difficult to say in relation to what other settlements this is 'midmost.'

Places in the same Parish

Early-attested site