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Kingston Deverill

Major Settlement in the Parish of Kingston Deverill

Historical Forms

  • Devrel 1086 DB
  • Kingesdeverell 1206 ClR
  • Dewrelquinston (sic) 1236 Pap
  • Deverel Kyngeston 1249 FF
  • Kingiston Deverel 1260 Cl
  • Kyngestone Deverel 1282 Ass
  • Kyngeston(e) 1291 Tax 1428 FA
  • Kingson 1675 Ogilby


For Deverill , v. supra 6. “Shortly after the Conquest it was in the Crown and was among the early grants to the Earl of Cornwall…It followed the fate of the Earldom, which frequently reverted to the Crown and was finally entailed on the King's eldest son. This circumstance, perhaps, gave origin to the appellation of Kingston , by way of distinction from the other Deverills, none of which, since the Conquest, have been royal property” (Hoare 137–8).

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