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Major Settlement in the Parish of Inglesham

Historical Forms

  • (æt) Inggeneshamme c.950 ASWills 11th
  • Incgenæsham c.970 c.1150 ib
  • Inglesham 1160 SarumCh
  • Hinglesham 1198 Fees
  • Englesham 1190 P 1225 Pat 1242 Fees
  • Overenglesham 1279 Ass
  • Ingelesham 1211 RBE 1249,1268,1279 Ass
  • Yngelesham 1279 Ct
  • Ingelsham 1291 Tax
  • Ingelsom 1693 ParReg


The first element would seem to be a personal name Ingen or Ingin , an unrecorded n -derivative of Inga . The second element is hamm , 'enclosure,' or here perhaps 'land in the bend of a river.' The place is almost surrounded by the Thames and the Cole. Overenglesham is the present Upper Inglesham. For interchange of n and l cf. IPN 106–7.

Places in the same Parish

Early-attested site