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Major Settlement in the Parish of Etchilhampton

Historical Forms

  • Echesatingetone, Ecesatingetone 1086 DB
  • Hechesetingeton 1206 ChR
  • Echehamt', Ehelhamton' 1196 Cur
  • Hechelhamt' 1228 Cl
  • Echelhampton 1236 FF 1332 SR
  • Hechelhamtona 1242 Fees
  • Ashlington 1773 AandD
  • Itchelhampton t.Eliz WMxxi
  • Edghillhampton 1675 Ogilby


This is a difficult name. In the TA the place is grouped with All Cannings and it may be suggested that Etchilhampton is really an offshoot of All Cannings which is doubtless the older and more important of the two places. The element (i )ecels , a lost OE word denoting 'addition, something added, additional land taken into cultivation,' has been discussed under Nechells (PN Wa 30) and is found in various parts of the country, and like most words in -els shows a tendency later to drop the final s .It may be suggested as a possibility that Etchilhampton was an (i )ecels to All Cannings. No explanation of the DB form can be offered, it would seem to have the same first element.

Places in the same Parish

Early-attested site

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