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Pertwood Fms

Early-attested site in the Parish of East Knoyle

Historical Forms

  • Perteworde 1086 DB
  • Pertewurda Edwardi 1166 P
  • Pertewurth' 1242 Fees 1431 Trop
  • Purtewerthe 1270 For
  • Perteworthy 1411 FF
  • Pertewodde 1535 VE
  • Peertwode al. Peertworth 1542 FF
  • Partewoode al. Parteworthe 1554 ib
  • Peartworth 1651 Hoare


This name must remain an unsolved problem. It may be that it is to be associated with the place-name Peart in Laverton (So), le Perte c. 1250 Wells, but that name is obscure. Professor Ekwall and Dr Ritter suggest the possibility of associating this last name with Welsh  perth , 'bush, brake,' British pertā , 'wood, copse,' the source of Perth (Scotland).