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Early-attested site in the Parish of Downton

Historical Forms

  • Walton(e) 1211 RBE 1523 SR 1632 EcclCom
  • Waletone 1332 SR
  • (Weeke and) Walton 1738 Longford
  • Wick and Walton Tithing c.1840 TA
  • Walecote 13th RegMalm
  • Waledich 1289 Ass


Walton (lost) is Walton (e )1211 RBE, 1523SR , 1632EcclCom , Waletone 1332SR , (Weeke and ) Walton 1738Longford , Wick and Walton Tithing c. 1840TA . As Downton was an important place in OE times, it is likely that this is OE  wēala tūn , 'farm of the serfs,' v. wealh , tun . Other compounds of OE  wealh , weala in Wiltshire are Walecote (13th RegMalm) near Malmesbury, Waledich (1289Ass ) in Avebury. The name is now lost, but the last references suggest that it may have been near Wick infra .

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