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Dalwood Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of Dinton

Historical Forms

  • (swa þurh) dellwuda 901 BCS588 14th
  • Dalwode c.1240 Wilton 1279,Ed3,1362 For 1289 Ipm 1418 MinAcct
  • Dallewode 1281 Ass


Dalwood Fm (6″) is (swa þurh ) dellwuda 901 (14th) BCS 588, Dalwode c. 1240Wilton (p), 1279, Ed 3, 1362For , 1289 Ipm, 1418MinAcct , Dallewode 1281Ass . The present form of the name is no doubt identical in origin with Dalwood (PN D 638) from dæl and wudu , 'valley wood,' though the OE form suggests that the original first element may have been dell , 'dell.'

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