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Major Settlement in the Parish of Burcombe

Historical Forms

  • Brydancumb 937 BCS714 13th
  • Bredecumbe 1086 DB
  • Bredecoumbe 1325 Pat
  • Brudecumba 1225etpassimto1428 FA
  • Northbrudekumbe juxta Bereford 1282 Ass
  • Northbrudycombe 1319 FF
  • Southbrudecombe 1345 Ass
  • Bridecumbe 1302 Sarum
  • Bridcombe 1316 FA
  • Bruddecombe 1443–50 ECP
  • Northbritcombe 1481 BM
  • Birdecombe 1526 Ct
  • Burcombe 1535 VE
  • Brudcombe alias Burcom 1539 Moulton


It would seem that in this name, in Bridmore supra 201 and the associated Brydingadic there noted, we must have a common element brȳda and it is difficult to see how this can be anything other than a personal name as suggested by Ekwall (DEPN). If brȳd , 'bride,' were the first element, then the Saxon form should be brydecumb and not brydancumb , and we should hardly expect a compound brydingadic , 'ditch of the bride's people.' Just how such a personal name arose it is difficult to say. The most probable rendering therefore is 'Bryda 's valley,' v. cumb .

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