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Early-attested site in the Parish of Burcombe

Historical Forms

  • Ucganford 956 BCS1030 13th
  • Uggafordinga landscore 1045 KCD778 13th
  • Ogeford, Ocheforde 1086 DB
  • Ogeford(e) 1332 SR 1345 Ass
  • Huggeford 1175 P
  • Uggeford c.1190 SarumCh 1195 FF 1227 Ch
  • Uggeford St Jacques 1382 FF
  • Uggeford Sci Jacobi juxta Wilton 1409 Ass
  • Northugford, Southugforde, Ugforde Abbesse 1544 LP


'Ucga 's ford.' Cf. Ugborough (PN D 284) and Ugley (PN Ess 553). St James from the dedication of the former church, Abbesse from the holding of the Abbess of Wilton. The 1045 citation refers to the boundary (OE  landscearu ) of the people of Ugford, v. ingas .

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