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Major Settlement in the Parish of Bulford

Historical Forms

  • Bultesford t.Hy2 Ch 1270
  • Bultisford 1178 BM 1286 Ch
  • Bulteford t.Hy2 1270 Ass 1249,1268,1279,1289 RH 1255 IpmR 1381
  • Bolteford 1275 RH 1428 FA
  • Boltiford 1227 FF
  • Bultingford 1249,1268 Ass
  • Bultiford ib.
  • Bulterford 1332 SR
  • Bultford 1341 NI
  • Bultford juxta Amesbury 1383 FF 1541 Dugdii
  • Bulford alias Bultford t.Jas1 ECP


This is a difficult name. Ekwall may be right in his suggestion that the first element is to be associated with OE  bulut , 'ragged robin,' the first element being either *bulutig , an adjectival derivative, descriptive of a ford with ragged robin growing by it, or OE  bulut -īeg , 'ragged robin island.' The river here is divided into more than one stream. A possible parallel is Boultibrooke (Radnorshire) for which Charles (NCPNW 174) gives late forms Bowltibrook , Boultibrooke (16th, 18th).