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Broad Town

Major Settlement in the Parish of Broad Town

Historical Forms

  • Bradetun 12th ADv
  • Labradeton 1205 Cur
  • La Bradetune 1220 ADiv
  • Bradeton 1231,1241 Cl 1242 Fees
  • Brodetone 1206 FF 1272 Ipm
  • la Brodetoun 1280 ADiv
  • la Brode towne al. Brodeouer 1295 StNicholas


'Great farmstead,' v. brad , tun . Broad or 'great' in contrast to Little Town infra , cf. Broad Chalke supra 203–4. Brodeouer presumably has reference to Broadtown Hill (v. ofer ) on the lower slopes of which Broad Town lies.